• impressions of the original greek artifacts
  • impressions of the original roman artifacts

As a result of the increasing interest in classical antiquity since the early 19th century,  various artifacts of the past were excavated at numerous places and countries throughout Europe. Not just spectacular finds like for example statues, (casts) but also small finds are essential sources of information for the Greek and Roman ancient world. The collection of original artifacts of the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz consists of a considerable number of Greek vases, which were mainly acquired through purchase and donations. (The History of the Archaeological Collections) The vases depict in an extraordinary beautiful and vivid way Greek myths as well as scenes of every day life. Further a range of Roman ceramic and brass finds is represented, which originate partly from excavations organized by the Department of Archaeology. The roman vessels, the jewellery, as well as numerous other objects of diverse types of finds provide an insight into the every day life of people, living in ancient times.


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