No. D 273
Date Range: AD 161-169/76
H. 0,86 m (with base)
Material: Marble
Collection: missing, formerly Potsdam (Sanssouci castle)

  • Bust of Marc Aurel
  • Head of Marc Aurel

Marcus Aurelius (AD 161-180) is pictured with short, curled hair and a full beard, which was quite up-to-date at his time. The hair and the beard were intensely drilled. Marcus Aurelius was an extraordinary character among the roman emperors. Influenced by the Stoa, he committed himself to rationality and duty. He left us a book in twelve volumes, which was written by him. It is called "Meditations".



M. Wegner, Das römische Herrscherbild IV. Die Herrscherbildnisse in antoninischer Zeit (Berlin 1939) 189

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