No. D 218
Date Range: ~ 330/ 320 BC
H. 2,05 m
Material: Marble copy of a bronze sculpture of Lysippos
Collection: Rome, Vatican Museums

  • General view of Apoxyomenos
  • Movement detail
  • Detailed view of the strigilis

For Greek athletes it was common to oil themselves up before they start a competition. This was one of the reasons why the raised dust kept sticking on their bodies. They removed it with a so-called strigilis.With the tool in his left hand the Apoxyomenos (the "Scraper") is just removing the dust from the reverse side of his elongated right arm. The evidence for a hard competition is seen in his posture and facial features, which seem to be very exhausted. Interesting is the fact, that the Apoxyomenos is holding the strigilis with a grip that lets the thumb rest on the flipside, perhaps to increase the pressure to his move.



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