No. D 433
Date Range: ~440-430 BC
Material: Roman marble copy of Greek bronze by Polyclet
H. 0,31m
Collection: Rom, Capitolline Museums

  • Amazonenkopf Vorderansicht
  • Amazonenkopf Seitenansicht
  • Amazonenkopf Rückansicht

This head belongs to a statue, which illustrates a wounded Amazon and is ascribed to the sculptor Polyclet. The Amazon is wounded under her right breast and leans her head down to it. Despite her injurement the headdress is elaborate. The hair is curly and tied back in two knots. The Amazons were a mythical nation of warrior women, who lived in Scythia (southostern Black Sea). Amazons battles (Amazonomachy) were often displayed in classical and postclassic sculpture. According to the myth Amazons introduced and established the cult of Artemis in Ephesus. In the middle of the  5th century BC a contest occured between five of the most famous sculptors, in order to make a statue of a wounded Amazon for the temple of Artemis in Ephesus. The head of the collection in Graz associated with the statue made by Polyclet is said to have won the competition.



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