No. D 43/44
Date Range: 525 BC
L. 29,63 m (total length)
Material: Parian marble
Collection: Museum of Delphi

  • General view
  • Detailed view

At the right part of the east frieze a scene of Trojan War is represented, as it is indicated by the colored name inscriptions, which are partly remained. On the left side the Trojan men are shown:  Lycus (also read as Glaucus) with his four-in-hand carriage and also Aeneas, Hector (also named as Memnon) and Sarpedon (fallen), who fight against the Greeks. The Greek Menelaus with the gorgon shield, Automedon,  possibly Patroclus (the best friend of Achiles), who looks back to the scene, are illustrated on the right side. At the exterior edge of this section Nestor raises his arm in front of a four-in-hand carriage. The left part of the east frieze displays a council of the Olympian gods.



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