No. G 168
Date Range: Roman
L. 19,3 cm


The strigilis consists of a handle and a sickle-shaped front part. It is a tool made of bronze or iron, which was used by athlets after their physical exercises. With a strigilis the athlets could remove the oil, sweat and dust from their naked bodys. A large number of vases show athlets after their fight, rubbing themselves off with a strigilis. The most famous depiction of a scraper (Apoxyomenos) comes from the sculptor Lysippos. The statue represents an athlet scrapping the dirt of his stretched hand.



DNP XI (2001) 1054-1055 s.v. Strigilis (R. Hurschmann)
E. Kotera-Feyer, Die Strigilis (Frankfurt am Main 1993)

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