No. G 65
Date Range: 2nd/ 3rd century AD
Rim Diam. 7,5 cm; H. 20,4 cm
Material: Clay, oxidized ware, slightly tempered with glimmer and stones, smooth surface; surface reddish brown
Description: narrow circle around the shoulder, broad circles around the body of the vessel; strap handles; on the outside partly sintered
Provenance: unknown
Not published.


Contrary to tankards jugs have a bent rim. They can be found in graves as well as settlements. In connection with graves they contained the libation for the buried person.



J. Istenič, Poetovio, zahodna grobišča. Grobne celote iz Deželnega Muzeja Joanneuma v Gradec = Poetovio, the Western cemeteries. Grave-groups in the Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Katalogi in monografije / Narodni Muzej Slovenije (Ljubljana 1999/2000)

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