No. G 66
Date Range: 1st/ 2nd century AD (?)
Rim Diam. 10,5 cm; H. 13,7 cm
Material: Clay; oxidized ware, medium tempered with glimmer and red particles, smooth surface; surface beige-orange
Description: Wheel thrown; vertical, everted rim, body of the vessel in the form of a situla, base slightly everted; thick-walled; outer and inner surface slightly sintered
Provenance: Tyrol
Not published.


Beakers as an inherent part of drinking vessels belong to the objects found at settlement sites and in graves. They are similar to pots and sometimes they can not be clearly separated. The bodies of the vessels are often ornamented with decor elements (Roller stamps, Wavy lines).



J. Istenič, Poetovio, zahodna grobišča. Grobne celote iz Deželnega Muzeja Joanneuma v Gradec = Poetovio, the Western cemeteries. Grave-groups in the Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Katalogi in monografije / Narodni Muzej Slovenije (Ljubljana 1999/2000)

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