No. D 438
Date Range: around 150 BC
H. 0, 93 m (with plinth)
Material: Marble copy of a bronze of Boethos of Chalkedon
Collection: Munich, Glyptothek

  • Boy with goose general view
  • boy with goose detailed view
  • boy with goose detailed view

The Boy with the Goose or the Boy strangling the Goose is a depiction of a three to four year old, naked child. He has clasped the neck and right wing of a goose with his left arm. The quite strong boy has a round head with lateral parted, thin hair, ending in infantile curls. Above the forehead some strands are tied together to a topknot in form of a flower.
The assignment to the sculptor Boethos is uncertain. The structure of the group is pyramidal, so she can be viewed from all sides.
The statue at the Glyptothek was found in a Villa in Rome, where she served as a fountain figure.


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