No. D 178
Date Range: 330 BC
H. 2,24 m
Material: Marble
Collection: Rome, Vatican Museums

  • Belvedere Apollo general view
  • Belvedere Apollo detailed view
  • Belvedere Apollo side view
  • Belvedere Apollo detailed view

Although the youthful god Apollo is depicted in current movement, there are two different points of view on the sculpture. When you look at it from the front view it almost seems as if the god pauses for a moment. These two different views were intentionally executed by the sculptor of the statue, Leochares.
In the left arm he was originally holding a bow and in his right hand a laurel branch or an arrow.
His hair is parted at the left side and he wears a topknot in form of a bow. On the top and the back of the head are delicate strands falling into the neck and end there as spiral-shaped curls. Furthermore, shorter and curlier strands frame the face.



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