No. D 169
Date Range: about 370/ 360 BC
H. 1,47m
Material: Marble copy of a Greek bronze by Praxiteles or his father Cephisodotus
Collection: Dresden, Albertinum

  • Satyr general view
  • Satyr detailed view
  • Satyr detailed view

Among all the preserved statues of satyrs this one is worth mentioning. It is a depiction of a young satyr pouring wine from a jug in his right hand into a bowl or a drinking horn. He is very focused on his task. He robed himself with a bandage and single flowers in his short, curly hair.
In Greek mythology satyrs are the entourage of Dionysus. In contrast to our statue they are often illustrated as very voluptuous creatures. Normally they can be recognized by their fuzzy hair, pointed ears, horse-tail or horse’s hooves. Their particular affection is the excessive consumption of wine, women and music.



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