No. D 226
Date Range: 4th century BC
H. 1, 86 m
Material: Marble copy of a bronze
Collection: Berlin, Pergamon Museum

  • Artemis Colonna general view
  • Artemis Colonna side view
  • Artemis Colonna detailed view

In earlier times Artemis was depicted as luminiferous and benedictory goddess, a protectress of nature and humans. From the 4th century BC on she was illustrated as huntress with a bow or torch.
The Artemis Colonna is wearing a long, flowing robe, which will shorten over time. On her back she is carrying the quiver. Vigorously she strides ahead. Her thin face is framed by wavy wisps, parted above the forehead and kept by a ribbon. Around her head is a single bandage to decorate her hairstyle. A pigtail is falling down her back.
The surname Colonna derives from her place of discovery in Italy on the properties of Prince Philip Colonna in 1795.



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