No. D 151
Date Range: 5th century BC
H. 0,55m, W. 0,93m
Material: Pentelic marble
Collection: Athens, National Archaeological Museum

  • Dionysus. Votive Relief general view
  • Dionysus. Votive Relief detailed view of Dionysus
  • Dionysus. Votive Relief detailed view of a mask
  • Dionysus. Votive Relief detailed view of tympanum

At the top right of the relief Dionysus is resting on a couch. In his left hand he holds a bowl and a rhyton (drinking vessel) in his right hand. At the end of the couch a female figure sits opposite of him. In the left corner of the relief are three male actors, identified by the masks and tympana (drums) they are holding in their hands.
Dionysus is the ancient Greek god of wine, ecstasy and theater. Among the celebrations of Dionysus were theatrical performances. It is assumed that this relief was dedicated to Dionysus by actors after a performance of Euripides tragedy Bacchae.



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