No. D 80
Date Range: Late 5th century BC
H. 1,19 m
Material: Marble
Collection: Istanbul, National Museum

  • Herma by Alcamenes general view
  • Herma by Alcamenes detailed view
  • Herma by Alcamenes detailed view

Hermai were sacred stones, formed like pillars with elaborated head and attached phallus. Partially, they had rudiments of arms. In the beginning they only showed Hermes, the god of travelers and thieves. Over time other gods and goddesses as well as famous people were depicted this way too.
The Herma of Alcamenes is an illustration of Hermes. Since the Archaic Period this god was depicted in a certain mode. The hairstyle, the strength of the face and the beard are typical for the archaizing style.
The inscription on the forefront tells us, that the Herma was made by Alcamenes and was placed in front of the gates of Pergamon. The productive period of this sculptor was between 440-400 BC.



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