No. D 83
Date Range: between 450/ 440 BC
H. 2 m
Material: Marble copy of a bronze by Phidias
Collection: Torso in Dresden, Albertinum; Head in Bologna

  • Athena Lemnia genaeral view
  • Athena Lemnia side view
  • Athena Lemnia detailed view

The name Athena Lemnia derives from a dedication by Attic colonists from the island of Lemnos. She is wearing an Attic peplos with a wrap. The peplos is upheld on the shoulder and belted with a thick cord around the hip. The aegis with its scalloped pattern is edged by snakes. In the middle of it is the head of the Gorgon Medusa. The missing right arm was originally holding a Corinthian helmet and the left one was pillowed on a lance. As patroness of Athens, Athena is depicted here in a peaceful manner.
The thick, short hair, parted in the middle, is upheld with a broad ribbon. This middle parting with slight wavy hair and inwrought tiara or hairband was the typical hairstyle in classical times. Women with extended hair usually wore a topknot on the back of the head. This statue of Athena Lemnia was already highly praised in antiquity.



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