No. D 16
Date Range: around 510/500 BC
H. 92 cm
Material: Parian marble
Collection: Athens, Acropolis Museum

  • Kore 674 general view
  • Kore 674 general view
  • Kore 674 side view
  • Kore 674 detailed view

This kore belongs to the most beautiful votive offerings of the Athenian Acropolis. She is depicted in a timeless, youthful age. The modest dressed korai and their male equivalents, the naked kouroi, were the main types of Greek Archaic sculpture. According to where they were positioned they could represent women as well as goddesses. The typical archaic smile is only implied slightly. The face is modeled in gentle features and framed by easily waved hair. On the front are three long wisps on each side and in the back the hair falls far down. The kore is wearing a tiara and circular discs as jewelry on her ears.
The slim, nearly slender female figure is swathed in a chiton and a diagonal coat. On the garment are traces of green color as well as a border of meander. On the hair are traces of red and yellow color, while the brows and lids are black.



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