No. G 249-252
Date Range: Roman
H. 72cm - 103cm, Diameter 11,5cm - 26cm

  • Amphora
  • Amphoras

The Amphora is a bellied vessel with two handles and a narrow neck. It was used for storage and transport. The thin mouth made it possible to cork the vessel up and seal it with gypsum and pitch (resin). Amphorae without a footprint were dug in earth or transported in fitting racks. Such amphorae are traceable from early history to late antiquity. They served as storage vessels for wine and oil. Normally they were thrown away after single use. Some of those amphorae were stamped before firing. Many of them were equipped with the emblem of a certain city and the name of the magistrate.
The collection of the Department of Archaeology has five amphorae of different size, made of reddish- brown clay.



DNP I (1996) 625-626 s.v. Amphora (H. Cancik - H. Schneider)
RE I² (1894) 1969-1976 s.v. Amphora (Wernicke)

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