No. G 55
Date Range: Forgery after a model of the 4th century BC (?)
H. 20cm
Material: fired clay, dark orange colored

Figurine. Vase

The vase is shaped like a female tympanum player. A tympanum player was a musician playing a taboret. The tympanum was a popular musical instrument, usually played by women at dancing festivals or ritual acts.
The vase of our collection was probably a burial object, because it was too small and therefore unsuitable for daily use. The proportions and the interaction of the limbs seem to be paradox. There are anatomical contradictions between the left leg with its oversized thigh and the right, angled leg. The right arm is barely designed. The right hand is just beating the tympanum. What makes the movement seem distorted is the turning of the head upwards. Above the head is a polyfoil rosette. Not to clarify is the question, whether parts or the whole figurine is a fake.



E. Christof, Zeugnisse antiker Koroplastik. Griechische figürliche Terrakotten aus der Sammlung des Instituts für Klassische Archäologie der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz, ungedruckte Diplomarbeit (Graz 1993)

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